Creative studio N

«TORPEDA» (working name «Mile») - group which confirms «female beginning» both in music as a whole & in embodied projects. In the sense the name is a reflection of advanced technologies & forced embodiments. The work with the author's material began about a half & a year ago. We weren't only intrigued with songs, but with expressions of the idea, individualism of author & originality of the idea too. Here we can see inimitableness of Ekaterina Milyaeva's debut album with the simple, clear & universal name «Ocean».
The singles of the project, the songs «Ocean», «Winter», «Spring», «In the morning» were fulfilled & prepared for recording. Recording is made in Ural, «SVE-REC» studio with the help of Vladimir Elizarov.

  • Ekaterina Milyaeva–music, lyrics
  • Anastasia Butorina–vocal
  • Valeri Korshunov– guitar
  • Vyacheslav Bystrov– kyeboard
  • Sergei Sokolov– drums
  • Ivan Stroev– bass