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Pigmey`s Universal Project «P.U.P.»:

The great Pigmey's history is conducted from the crossroads of the centuries & millennia. It's there, where Space is inrisibly crossed with Time. Where Chaos rules & absurdity exists. Where initial points irrevocably originate from Chasm and diversity of shadows only emphasizes their existence. Where powerful vibrations & waves concentrate creative output & emotional impulses. Where Form means Contents. Where Contents are only the germ of Consciousness. Where Life isn't supposed, but not forbidden and settles down in itself. Where mutually exclusive concepts & sensual maxims are counterbalanced. Where there is an equal sign & oppositions between any paradoxical phenomena.

Where Everything = Nothing.
New Pigmeynance incorporated all peculiarities of shamanism, transforming irreversible processes in reversible (and vice versa). Where random variables are natural & final. Where even outputs of exercises lead to specification and boundlessness of experiment. Result is the programmed accuracy of uncertainty. Where 'N-tropy' materializes and gets an abstract but a distinct Face, which is created from the general rib of all questions. The Atypical is in Typical.

  • Ivan Stroev - bass
  • Maxim Kozlov - drums
  • Maria Kappa - voices
  • Slava Bystrov - keyboard
  • Oleg Yarushin Jr. - voices
  • Rafael Kireev - guitars(riffs, solos)
  • Yuri Knyazev(Pigmey) - ideas, concepts, production, arrangement, music, lyrics, guitars, voices, percusion
  • Albums "P.U.P.":
    1. "Everybody is PUPkin's children" - Live, 'OST-records' studio, may-june 2000;
    2. "N-tropy" - 'SVE-REC' studio, may-august 2001. Release - October 2002, edition - 1000 exemplars;
    3. "Person" - soundtrack\song, 'U-sound' studio, 09.01.2002;
    4. "N-forma-T" - 'SVE-REC' studio, may-december 2003, release - june 2004, edition - 1000 exemplars.
    5. "N-clectic" - 'SVE-REC' studio, may-august 2007, release - february 2008, edition - 1000 exemplars.