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Carambol "Carambol" —

group created in the annals of «N»—studio, observing all creative technologies with participation of the invited session musicians. The project has been know since 1998. It participates in all regional festivals, contents & it conducts active touring. In spring 2002 there was a new step in the author's creative life & in the project as a whole.

«Cara-M-bol» started to select, edit & correct the material which would be in a future album. Castings, listening & selection of musicians, potentially capable to embody given project both in studio & concert versions, were held. 2003 - critical year in the author's life & the project. The rigid rehearsal schedule alternated constant departures to Ekaterinburg for recording in 'SVE-REC' studio. The sound tracks of newly made album with the capacious, eclectic name 'Myth', were recording from February till December. Conceptual producer - Yuri Knyazev; sound producer - Vladimir Elizarov; sound engineer - Sergey Tuchin.

  • Akexey Shityakov - bass;
  • Maria Kappa - guitar, vocal, lyrics, music;
  • Rafael Kireev - guitar;
  • Yuri Uralsky - drums;
  • Vyacheskav Bystrov - keyboard;